Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Extravaganza

You know how I know that I am busy, not only have I not had time to blog, I haven't had time to read any of the blogs that I follow. PEP's Rockin' Halloween Celebration is this weekend! In case I haven't told you, it is a fabulous fundraiser for an amazing organization that takes lots and lots of planning. Did I mention that I am in charge of planning it and that I stink at delegating? Yep, I do. I am a micro-manager. Enough though, there are going to be lots and lots of posts about the event.

But first, pictures from our first Halloween party of the year at Mrs. E's house. October is a busy, busy month. I love all the spooky food and craft ideas floating around this month. These pumpkins, made by a friend (I wish I could take credit), are adorable.

Fun Halloween decorations:

Love mummy eats:

One of the projects that I helped Mrs. E with before the party. They just had a washing machine delivered and were left with an awesomely HUGE box. Cutting (sawing with all my arm strength) cardboard is not as easy as it looks, especially when making the windows. I got an arm workout. But, I am so motivated to make my own theater when Sis gets her new appliances delivered.

Matching costumes, sisters are adorable and makes me jealous of same sex siblings that get dressed identical by their mothers.

My friends all have adorable children that I love! But this one, this one I would steal.

You would too!


Fun Friends!

My kiddos were obsessed with the plastic vampire teeth.

Vera playing with the teeth, a pirate's earring, and her own cowboy bandana. She looks a bit like a gypsy. I really didn't get a good pic of her cowboy costume and it is likely the last time we will see it. She has vetoed being a cowboy and has decided that for the rest of the Halloween activities she is going to be a witch. This is after I refused to let her be a princess, because I am a mean, mean mommy.

Actually, my favorite quote of the week goes to Vera, "Maybe I will be a cowgirl, or a witch, or a big mama who hates princesses." Yep, I am a big mama who hates princesses.


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