Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 1: A Little Drive + Vegas

Packed and ready to go!

Little gifts every so often helped the ride go faster. The gifts included Slinkies, Noise Putty (makes farting noises), wind up toys, and horse figurines for Vera. The Slinkies seemed like such a good day, but turned into the kids' projectile missiles that could be sent to the front seat over and over again. At one point, J got hit and that was the end of the kids' fun.

With an hour to spare, we raced to the Lied Discovery Children's Museum to expend some energy. 

Nonno, this one is for you. 1 million pennies!!!

Have to admit, after seeing and hearing the news about Hurricane Sandy, I was very curious to go into the hurricane simulator. Yikes!

At a tree house exhibit, they had circles imbedded into the ground. When you stepped on the circle it triggered the call of the particular animal. Gus could not figure it out. Where is it? Where is the bird? Wait, now I hear a raccoon. Where is the raccoon?

Gus also discovered the joy of jumping on a hotel bed.

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guser's cute.