Friday, November 2, 2012

The Dude - 4 Year Appointment

Height: 3' 9.5" (99.5%)
Weight: 44.8 lbs (90.84%)

-Slithering around on the ground with a blanket over him pretending to be a giant slug
-PB and J
-Basketball shorts
-Making forts
-Listening to his mama read Captain Underpants
-Paper airplanes
-Shredding paper
-Random collections (ex include bottle caps and rib bones)

-Being told what to do
-Two ponytails instead of one
-Having to sit down while eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner
-Gus crying in the middle of the night

-Keller makes a weird throat clearing sound...regularly. After the doctor heard it, she is pretty sure it is a tic and so we are trying a few different tactics to get him to stop.
-The last picture shows Keller's skinny guy muscles. It makes us laugh, because The Dude has an eight pack.

For Comparison:
Height: 3' 8.75"
Weight: 45 lbs

1 comment:

Krista said...

I thought that was face paint, but your son has an actual snake in his teeth, doesn't he?!