Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 3: Misc Shots

Wild turkeys get added to our list of animals. 

Thank you, Sis, for our amazing hats!s TaTa made us matching hat for Christmas/our Zion trip. 

The two older kids are learning how to play chess this vacation. While I put the baby to sleep, J takes the kids to the lodge for a game of chess.Then, at lunch and dinner they are quizzing each other on the names of the pieces and the way that they can move. Nerds.

J and I splurged on walking sticks for Vera and Keller. We wanted to make hiking a good experience for them and there is nothing better for kids than to be able to use a stick while walking.  Yes, we fully realize that we could have just found two sticks, but these ones are awesome and say Zion National Park on them.

This is how we have been eating most of our meals...picnic style in our cabin.

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