Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 3: Hike to Emerald Falls

Just an fyi, the baby is not in the backpack at this point, but safe in the bike seat in front of J. Also, this picture makes it look so idyllic, but in truth the kids were moaning and crying quite a bit. At one point, Keller decided he was going no further and wanted me to push him up the hill. Finally, I turned the family around and back to The Grotto we headed. The Grotto is only a half mile up from The Zion Lodge and is where quite a few trailheads start.

Our first official hike...the Kayenta Trail. Gus was miserable at the start, but soon fell asleep for his nap of the day. Little boys cheeks are getting quite wind blown/burned at this point. It is the one part of his body that I can't bundle. It doesn't seem to bother him much, but his cheeks are very rosy. 

Lower Emerald Falls

It is cold. 

J and I want to keep a rough estimate of how far we hike and bike. In the morning, we rode our bikes to The Grotto + a bit further (1.5 miles), walked Kayenta Trail (1.0 miles one way), and then picked up the Lower Emerald Trail back to The Zion Lodge (.6 miles) to eat lunch. Then, we walk The Grotto (.5 miles) to pick up our bikes and rode them back home.

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