Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 4: Misc Photos

Another amazing TaTa creation being put to good use in Zion. 

Why did the deer cross the road? ;)

Learning about flash floods...aka, scaring Vera for at least a good half hour that the cabin is going to be caught in a flash flood. I wonder where she gets the worrying gene? See post about Scout Lookout Hike next. 

Cutie Pie!

Okay, I had to take at least one picture of the gorgeous fall leaves. So glad that we get to see fall...you can imagine that living in Santa Barbara, we see little of the changing leaves. 

J is ridiculously photogenic. That baby on his shoulders is pretty good-looking too. 

Love this father/daughter picture.

 One of the HUGE advantages to having a 6-year-old who can read. 


Krista said...

Except that hat was supposed to be for GUS!

Anonymous said...

I like the leaves too.